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Dearest Readers, Fans, Supporters

A few years ago, I started a blog that would allow people interested in my main line of work to see my personality, my way of thinking, and my desire to share with you information and views that may help you in your everyday life. I am well informed on a variety of useful topics and very much up to date as well. As it turned out, I gained quite a following, touched lives, helped people out and got valuable feedback that helped me grow as well. 

After giving it some thought and consulting with some of my regular readers as well as friends actively working in social media jobs, I have decided to grow my blog platform into a media outlet that will offer even more content as well as more interaction options regarding the content I make. However, in order to do that, I have to put my blog behind a pay wall and use Patreon as a platform so I can grow my media presence properly. 

Most important, however, is my answer to your question- "Why Should I subscribe?" Well, simply put, you could consider subscribing to get exclusive content from what already is or will soon be your favorite beauty plus brains cutie. Also, I research and create the content and pick topics on my own, and I write honestly and freely:

  • NO clickbait.

  • NO rage bait.

  • NO fake news of any sort.

  • NO affiliate links or trying to sell you anything.

  • NO annoying editors or censorship hanging over me.

If this is something you like and appreciate, join Team Miss Zara as a subscriber and I promise I will start with lots of regular content as well as grow and evolve this platform for everyone involved!

Unforgettable Experiences
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