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App Numbers and Communication with Me

Dearest gentlemen, after dealing with calls and texts from app numbers on a person to person basis for many months, I decided it finally makes a lot more sense to explain in detail, and or mutual benefit, why I don't accept inquiries from them unless they're followed up by online booking.


I have heard your side of the argument for using app numbers, and they all stem from privacy concerns that are well-founded and justified. Using app numbers, in your mind, gives you an extra layer of protection and you remain more anonymous both before and after your get-together with someone. Many times, I will also hear that you have been hurt before by other providers when you used your real number, and it was a lesson well learned. 


Again, while I do appreciate where you're coming from, here's the deal. When you contact me, you are contacting Zara. There is, in fact, only one Zara out there- me! I respect your privacy and hold both my conduct and yours to the highest standard. I have an excellent reputation, an excellent website including a blog, many photos and videos, and my general location is clearly advertised. Also, I only use one phone number every time, all the time.


If you don't want our calls and texts appearing on your cell phone bill records, here are some options:

  • Use WhatsApp paired with your real number to contact me. Yes, I will still know your real number, but our communication won't appear in your cell phone statement call and text records.

  • If you're going to meet with me or anyone else more than once in a lifetime, please consider getting a burner phone with a prepaid plan. Even that solution makes you infinitely more trustworthy versus using an app to call or text me.

Finally, I will share with you something that you would never know from experience unless you were on my side of the conversation. App numbers bring out the worst in most people. They tempt people to book appointments with multiple providers and repeatedly don't show. They embolden people to be verbally abusive, to harass and to lowball with embarrassingly low offers. Finally, they horribly compromise safety; that alone qualifies them as unfit for communication. 

So, dearest gentlemen, please remember that the next time you contact me, you can use use your real number (main or secondary)- because this is Zara.

Thanks and see you soon

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