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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are you available?   

     Monday to Friday 1-11 pm (last booking can be at 10pm). This is how I can have a work life balance and give you the most amazing time when you come over.

Q: Why do you offer Online Booking and why should I use it?

     My time is important and so is yours. Online booking helps me to design my daily and weekly schedules. I don’t double book clients and this is why online bookings ensure I can get a firm commitment and also give a firm answer to you when you ask when I am available for sure. If you don’t book online I don’t think I will be able to see you because my time, effort and the awesome vibe I have with people would be ruined completely if I did not use a booking system. When you book online using a credit or debit card, a discreet charge appear on your statement so don't worry about it at all. If you can’t use personal banking cards you can always buy a prepaid credit card from almost any store and book online.

Q: I tried to book an appointment online through your Online Booking System and it said I need to put down a deposit. Why?

     When you put down a deposit, you are making better plans and doing better time management to make sure you actually arrive for the appointment. It also puts you ahead of anyone else who would try to book an appointment for your desired day and time last minute over the phone. In other words, when you book online and put down a deposit, you are guaranteed to have an appointment and so am I. 


Q:  What information should I include when I contact you?   

     Please include your age, ethnicity, race, body type, professional background, and the type of service you are looking for together with a date and time you prefer. It helps me to make a decision fast which saves both of us time.

Q: When I want to see you at 2AM on a Tuesday or 5PM on a Sunday, you are never available. What's up with that?

     I totally get you may be surprised by the fact I like to sleep at night and rest on weekends, but honestly that is why you will get the best of the best if you manage to see me during my available time on the weekdays. It'll be amazing.

Q: I tried to call you and then tried to text you but I got no reply. How come?

     If you have checked out my ad and my website and you know you want to book an appointment for sure, simply use my Online Booking System. I reach out to everyone who uses it to confirm appointment details and that we are good to go. If you have additional questions after looking at my ad and website, please try more than once because I receive a high daily communication volume. If you still do not receive a reply, please make sure you are not using an app number because I do not respond to them. 

Q: I feel like texting you to see what's new and if you are bored and want to talk. Should I?

     I don't remember the last time I was bored. Truth is, I have a very busy schedule and while I truly appreciate getting messages from people saying hi, my busy schedule makes it impossible for me to have multiple conversations every day. 


Q:  Do you accept email or social media appointments at all?   

     I no longer accept any appointment related communications that go through the Internet. Only phone calls texts and my online booking system, please and thanks.


Q: Is it ok to connect with you on socials?

     My socials are only for me to showcase my life to put you at ease and get you excited about what you will experience with me in person. Our communication is primarily by call or text for appointment booking purposes.

Q: Is it OK to ask for more pics?     

     All pictures on my website and in my ads are comparable with my videos and prove they're true to life. I do not send nude pictures. You can instead choose to follow me on Snapchat or Twitter for frequent new content.

Q: I saw you in public. Should I have approached you to say hi?

     Please be discrete because discretion goes both ways- we leave each other in peace out in public. Socializing is best during appointments only.

Q: What should I do before we meet?    Please arrive on time, clean and showered. If you are arriving from work or a social event, a shower and clean towels are available as needed.


Q: What is off limits in your services?     

     I am committed to playing safe without exception. NO CIM, COF, OR ANY OTHER BBFS. Once again, no exception. I hope you have the same safety standards for yourself. 

Q: What kind of services do you provide?

     I mostly offer intimate companionship that is both physically and mentally stimulating. You have my full attention during our time together and I do not answer any other call or text.

Q: Do you offer any kind of discounts?     

     My services are high end and I focus on quality of our experience together. I also invest a lot in my image, appearance, lifestyle and skills to keep bringing you the very best. That said, donation amounts are fixed for the time we spend together.

Q: I've never been with a TS before. How do you treat first-timers?   

     First timers like me lot. Book an appointment and find out why. Just be yourself and leave the rest to me because you will be coming to a safe, clean ,upscale environment to spend a time with a gorgeous witty girl.

Q: What's your sexuality and who will you see as clients?

     I am a straight woman and prefer being with men who are more on the straight side. I do not see groups or couples and I do not see women.

Q: Do you accept private calls or calls/texts from app numbers?

     I do not answer any calls or messages from private numbers or app numbers . My phone has systems in place to filter these out. Get a dedicated real number for booking dates with girls, or risk coming off as creepy or potentially dangerous.

Q: I still don’t want to text you from my real number because I have a girlfriend, a wife or a fiancé or it's my work number etc.

    There are many excuses, but only one safety that matters the most and that's my safety. If you understand that, you can book a date and come see me and we are going to have an amazing time together.


Q: Do you drink or party?

     I do not party or offer party favors. Please be reasonably sober for your appointment (know the difference between buzzed and wasted, thanks). Failure to remain within safe levels that I can manage or tolerate means you will have to immediately leave my place or be sent out- my apologies for being reasonable eh?


Q: What's your health status?

     I test regularly because health is always a top priority. My Covid vaccines are up to date.
Also, I don’t drink alcohol , don’t smoke , never have used any recreational drugs in my life. Eating healthy, workouts, meditation and supplements are the cornerstone of how I like to treat my body and mind on a daily basis.

Q: Are you interested in dating or relationships?

     I am currently happy the way my life is and have zero interest in romantic involvements with anyone.

Q: Are you interested in a sugar baby arrangement?

     Typically that's a no for me. Make your offer and I may think about it but just to let you know- it may be affordable to you but it won’t be cheap.

Q: Are you interested in getaways or vacations?

     If I was, you would have to please consider the details of such a scenario. You will have to cover flights and stay, 4-5 star minimum, and my fee for so many days. It adds up fast.

Q: Are you interested in dinner dates/outcalls?

     Dinner dates are something I definitely do. Take a look at the services section on my site for more details.

Q: Do you travel for work to other cities and provinces?   

     I prefer to focus on repeat clientele and this is why I prefer to stay in one location- Toronto downtown just off Gardiner. Also, staying put helps me to maintain great health , consistent level of experiences with clients and a consistent, high end vibe at no additional cost to you.


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