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Before You Visit, Please Read and Understand

Step By Step Guide to a Great Experience:


  • Please check out my entire website before you call or text.

  • Consider booking your appointment online to guarantee your date and time.

  • Do limit communication to date, time, location directions and any questions not covered on my website. 

  • Rude phone manner, threats, dating offers, lowballing on donations, and asking questions already answered on my site may lead to a permanent blacklist.

  • Good hygiene is a must- either before your arrival or right after you arrive.

  • I live in a very upscale location that tolerates only the best behavior and a clean look from all visitors to the premises. Please be aware of this if you do not wish to stick out. 

  • Have donation amounts ready.

  • Failure to arrive at scheduled time: if there is no notice ahead of time, or no explanation as to why you are not coming, you may be blacklisted.

  • Intoxication: Obvious high levels of alcohol, controlled or illegal substances will only raise red flags for me, in which case my safety is my priority. Thank you for understanding. 


Pretty simple and straightforward when you think about it, right? 


Unforgettable Experiences
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