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My Life Story
My name is Zara and I am always described as a younger, even more exotic Kim K and Priyanka Chopra hybrid in the looks department.

I grew up in GTA (Greater Toronto Area for my foreigner friends) suburbia in a loving, free and forward thinking home. It is this very environment that helped me blossom into a person who is always so much more than the stereotypes from my line of work- you will love every minute of it.

I’m a university grad with a BA Finance degree but I believe all aspects of my entire life have been full of teachable moments and important lessons that helped me grow and develop. I always believe that a good conversation can lubricate a date night, a hangout or a booty call better than even the best beers and cocktails. Although, if you prefer to mix the two, you go right ahead- either way it's fun times all the way.

I chose providing various exciting types of companionship because I have the entrepreneurial education and personality, and I love giving and getting attention. Making it a living has been amazing. No matter what background you come from- blue collar white collar or anything in between- we will connect on all levels and and I will bring out your passionate side and your intimate cravings to the forefront. Best of all, because we will connect both physically and mentally, you will want to come back for more because you will never feel quite the same kind of connection with anyone else in this line of work/fun.

Now, you may be wondering- how can this girl be so passable? How am I 20 percent trans and 80 percent girl? For that, I can be thankful to my supportive family environment- I knew what I was from an early age and it showed so clearly that there was no other direction but this one. I have integrated into everyday society as a girl for years now, and have little to no baggage from the entire process. This means you will be pleasantly surprised by what a positive attitude I have and how much I embrace life outside of my identity. I never felt stuck or too awkward and you get to reap the benefits of all that positivity every minute we spend together.

Life is like a book and the first few chapters in my book have already been written, and this exotic cute and clever babe has already banked more wins than losses. My secret skill that helped me make this happen is that I'm a fast learner- so come on let's learn some new things together.

As Steve Jobs once said, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people's thinking." So, in the spirit of these amazing words, don't spend too much time thinking about you and me in the same room- come over.

Zara 6ix 

Unforgettable Experiences
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